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DL Headwear

jackass x DL-JA Pattern 5P Camp Cap

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An official collaboration item created with the image that DL produces jackass staff goods. If you wear this, you will be a jackass crew from today. Whether it's a big crash in a golf cart, a drop in the sea full of sharks, or a crocodile's nipple biting, it feels okay. That's how it felt.

A must-have item for street coordination that is supported by men and women with a "cap that looks beautiful". The DL camp cap is Made in Japan, which is particular about materials and patterns. It's a little deeper than other brands, and it's a shape for Japanese people. Size can be adjusted with a plastic adjuster.
I made a larger and deeper camp cap for people with big heads who lamented, "I don't like camp caps because they are shallow." We can handle up to about 62 cm.