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DL REAL'S (bottle) - Amazing sterilization deodorant

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amazing sterilization deodorant REALIT'S that instantly strong sterilization of bacteria and viruses, and is fragrance-free but dull.
If you spray on the hat you wear for a day, you can wear it comfortably and comfortably next time.

Instant strong sterilization For
Coronainfluenza, norovirus, O-157, etc., a strong sterilization effect was demonstrated by several inspection agencies in just 10 seconds. Norovirus and Legionnaires' bacteria, which are ineffective with alcohol, are also sterilized. By air spraying, it has the effect of infection prevention measures. It is weakly alkaline and has no irritating odor because it does not volatilize.

Instant strong deodorant Unlike
deodorant covered with a smelly fragrance, there is an outstanding deodorant effect because it decomposes and deodorizes from the source of the smell. Tobacco, adhesion odor of food and drink, mold odor, pet odor, ammonia odor, moment strong deodorant by spraying in a place to be worried about, such as body odor.

Since the
rust, it can be sprayed directly on accessories such as precision equipment such as mobile phones and earrings, as well as processed metal products. It can be used with peace of mind in kitchen knives, kitchens, and medical sites. Because of its non-flammability that does not volatilize, it can be used even in places where alcohol systems are not available.

Long-term efficacy maintenance
Keep the effective concentration amazing [2 years] in the UV-cut container, it exerts an excellent effect. Conventional hypochloric acid and chlorine dioxide products continue to volatilize at room temperature, so the effective concentration decreases extremely over time.

Excellent safety As
a result of the verification of experiments using mice to influence the effects on the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, etc., there is no rough skin even if the liquid touches the hand or body, and it has been proven to be safe for people and pets. In addition, since there is no discoloration or color loss of fibers, it is safe to deodorize hats, clothing, carpets and curtains, pets, baby supplies, automobiles, etc.
Moreover, no toxic gases such as trihalomethane, a carcinogen that is a problem in chlorine-based products, do not occur at all. After the catalytic decomposition between REAL'S and organic matter, it becomes only oxygen, water, and a small amount of salt, so it is safe and pollution-free for people and the environment.

Air spraying is possible
Because it is weakly alkaline, aerial spraying is optimal. The entire space is sterilized and deodorized instantly by putting the stock solution directly in the ultrasonic humidifier. It can be used for infection control and deodorant measures such as hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, pet salons, restaurants, gyms, etc.

Contents: 300cc
Liquid property: weakly alkaline (pH 8.5 to 12.5)
Ingredients: sodium hypohydrochloride (food additives) + high pure water (RO ion exchange) = alkaline subhydrum
retention deadline: up to 2 years (when stored in a cool and dark place)