DL REALIT'S-Great disinfectant deodorant
DL REALIT'S-Great disinfectant deodorant
DL REALIT'S-Great disinfectant deodorant
DL REALIT'S-Great disinfectant deodorant
DL REALIT'S-Great disinfectant deodorant
DL REALIT'S-Great disinfectant deodorant
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DL REALIT'S-Great disinfectant deodorant

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A refill pack for Lialitz, a powerful disinfectant and deodorant that quickly and powerfully disinfects bacteria and viruses, but is also fragrance-free but dry. It's the same 300cc as the bottle, so please use it for repeaters and new empty bottles.
If you put it on your hat for a day, you can wear it comfortably and comfortably next time.

・Instant strong sterilization
It has been proved by multiple laboratories to have a strong eradication effect against corona, influenza, norovirus, O-157 and other bacteria in just over ten seconds. It also eliminates Norovirus and Legionella bacteria, which are ineffective with alcohol. Spraying with air has the effect of preventing infection. Since it is weakly alkaline and does not volatilize, it has no irritating odor.

・Momentary strong deodorant
Unlike a deodorant that is covered with a foul-smelling fragrance, it decomposes and deodorizes from the source of the odor, so it has an outstanding deodorant effect. Instantly powerful deodorant by spraying to places where you are concerned, such as tobacco, food and drink attached odor, mold odor, pet odor, ammonia odor, body odor.

・No corrosion
Since metal does not rust, it can be sprayed directly on precision equipment such as mobile phones, accessories such as piercings, and metal processed products. It can be used safely in kitchen knives, kitchens, and medical settings. Because it is non-flammable and does not volatilize, it can be used in places where alcohol cannot be used.

・Maintaining long-term efficacy
The UV-cut container keeps the effective concentration for an amazing [2 years] and exhibits excellent effects. Conventional hypochlorous acid and chlorine dioxide products continue to volatilize at room temperature, so the effective concentration drops drastically over time.

・Excellent safety
As a result of verification of the effect on the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, etc. using a mouse, it has been proved that the liquid does not cause rough skin even if it touches the hand or body and is safe for humans and pets. In addition, since there is no color fading or color loss of the fibers, it is safe to deodorize hats, clothes, carpets and curtains, pets and baby products, and in automobiles.
Moreover, no toxic gases such as the carcinogen "trihalomethane", which is a problem with chlorine-based products, are generated. After the catalytic decomposition of REALIT'S with organic matter, it becomes only oxygen, water and a trace amount of salt, so it is safe and non-polluting to people and environment.

・Aerial spraying is possible
Since it is weakly alkaline, it is best to use air spray. Put the undiluted solution as it is into the ultrasonic humidifier to instantly sterilize and deodorize the entire space. It can be used for infection control and deodorization measures in hotels, nursing facilities, hospitals, pet salons, restaurants, gyms, etc.

Contents: 300cc
Liquid: weakly alkaline (pH 8.5-12.5)
Ingredients: sodium hypochlorite (food additive) + high-purity water (RO ion exchange) = alkaline hypochlorite
Quality retention period: Up to 2 years (when stored in a cool and dark place)

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