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jackass x FLATLUX -

jackass x FLATLUX -

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jackets. If you wear this, you will be jackass crew from today. Even if it crashes in a golf cart, it is dropped into the sea full of sharks, and the nipple is bitten by the crocodile, and it feels all right. I feel that way.

- The official collaboration collection of jackass and FLATLUX & DL -
First of all, do you know jackasss? It is a television program that was aired on MTV from 2000 to 2002, and has gained cult popularity mainly on the street and has been made into a movie. Spike Jones was the general manager. The jackass crew, led by Johnny Knoxville, were just playful, life-threatening stunts, super-extreme dokkiri, hardcore, sloppy and novel content, and they continued to challenge human limits and destroy the common sense of television.
This capsule collection gives the utmost respect to their posture. This is four items made with the concept that FLATLUX and DL Headwear produced jackass staff goods. Simplely arranged "CREW" characters. How many people are really kidding in this day and age? In any case, it's really hard to do it seriously. Jackass guys are really messy. It's so crazy that it pulls a little bit.
If you wear this collaboration item, you may be able to join the jackass crew. Even people who don't make it crazy should wear it. The design looks cool somehow.

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Width 52 56 59 63 cm
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