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Nuranura Tee

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x bestiality (妖姦?) to rape crime wave x pornography, the ring that were described in the present sense while thinking about humor and negligence of the then pornography The masterpiece which stepped over the Edo x law sum, the current of the times of 200 years. The graphic which ukiyoe print illustrator NAGA drew it titled 100 "ogre character and conduct" and took down. Insanity and the wave elaborated in detail including the lotion which entering ふらっとらっくす logo electric マ, the pink rotor which strange one gets on, a lantern ghost hang down are abusive. It is greed not meat stick ... that it was already sublimated until art.

- With the pornography -
It is a picture with describing it the nature described in kind of the ukiyoe print mainly in the Edo era. All pornography of them cause another name, and the pornography poured every then beauty, technique, humor into is loved by the common people of Edo and attracts attention as beginning of pop art work "of" Japan at home and abroad now. As for what is drawn in pornography, there are many not only the acquaintance of the man and woman but also homosexuality, a masturbation act, an animal and body, a ghost, description to pick quarrel with with a ghost. A peek and promiscuity, every life and laughter that this wife gets in in the affair spot that a dog and a child disturb during sex live together. Not to mention that Hokusai Katsushika, Kuniyoshi Utagawa, most of the then big game ukiyoe artists including Utamaro Kitagawa drew pornography.
Shunga - Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art of Ukiyoe.

Length 73 78 83 84
Width of the body 52 57 62 65 cm