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Mutual Mask

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I made a mask with DL Headwear. The sales of masks will be donated to the Animal Fund, a public interest incorporated foundation that is engaged in activities to reduce the slaughter of dogs and cats and find foster parents.
The front-surface black watch check is easy to handle and not too thick polyester/rayon, and the back is a polyester mesh with excellent perspiration quick-drying used in sportswear. It is a three-layer structure with a thin core on the back of the surface, which also serves as a light filter while maintaining a three-dimensional shape. Because it is a pocket between the mesh, the filter etc. come to be put. You can save your life by getting a cool mask. Hypocrisy to do more than good not to do.
※ This product is excellent in design and vibes high, but it can not be used for the purpose of completely preventing harmful dust, gas, virus infection.
All Promises from the Sale of the Mask Donate to Save from Animal Slagter.