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Ideal Eazy Pant "Cotton/Nylon"

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2 tacks + rubber + straps, loose waist and hem taper, unique silhouette and addictive easy pants with outstanding comfort. It's a perfect 9.5 minute length, so you can wear it as it is, roll it up, or socks it in. made in Japan.
60/40 cross is familiar to outdoor brand lovers. A fabric made with 60% cotton in the weft and 40% nylon in the warp, which has better breathability than cotton and is more wear resistant than nylon. The feature is that it has a function. Because it uses the same manufacturing method and cotton nylon of the same mixing ratio, it can be worn comfortably all year round, and while it has a moderate crispness, elegant luster and water repellency, the more you wear it, the more texture increases.

size M L XL
Waist 80~93 83~96 86~100
Total Length 92 95 97 cm